Protecting Your Data: The Dos And Don’ts Of Disaster Recovery

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Protecting Your Data: The Dos And Don’ts Of Disaster Recovery

Loss of data through fire, flood or just bad hardware can be crippling to a business. But having a well-managed plan in place can save you money and vital time.

Protecting Your Data

Data loss can strike at any time. Whether it’s as the result of a severe disaster, such as a fire or a flood, or simply due to equipment failing and wiping data that’s vital to the operation of your business, it can be massively disrupting and potentially costly.

How you and your company respond in a situation like this is paramount to ensuring an effective recovery and reducing potential losses of data and revenue.

Don’t Continue To Use Damaged Drives

Even if there’s no obvious, physical damage to any drives, backups or servers you shouldn’t continue to use them if data has been lost. Continuing to use damaged drives in the event of data loss can harm potential future efforts to recover lost data, as new data can overwrite anything you’re trying to recover.

In the event that there is any physical damage to your business’s equipment, continued use can make existing problems worse. Drives that make unusual clicking noises are best not powered up further, so as not to hamper future recovery or repair efforts.

Do Use A Professional Recovery Solution

Using a professional company to manage the recovery of your data and IT system is ultimately the best way to ensure effective recovery and minimal disruption to your business. Here at Premier Computer Support we offer comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity services to get your business back up and running again, as well as recovering potential lost data.

Don’t Try And Recover Data Yourself

Recovering data yourself may seem like a simple and cheap, or even free, fix to your data loss woes. But there is a lot more to data recovery than the makers of free recovery software would have you believe. Any physical issues with drivers or storage media are not addressed, and we have already established that continuing to use damaged drives can make problems far worse and impede future recovery efforts. You also run the risk of overwriting lost data in your DIY recovery attempts, and potential losing it for good.

If you require a comprehensive disaster recovery, business continuity or on-line backup solution to keep your company operating in the event of data loss or system failure, then look no further than us here at Premier Computer Support. Even our entry level online / offsite back imaging solution is classed as a disaster recovery plan for SMB’s, or alternatively we have high end automatic failover replication systems for the Enterprise.

Our rapid response team can be with you astonishingly fast to deal with all of your system issues and get you operating again in next to no time. Just call us today on 020 7345 5139 to talk to our experienced team and discuss your needs.

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