On Cloud 9: The Benefits Of Online Backup Systems

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On Cloud 9: The Benefits Of Online Backup Systems

Trends are moving closer to complete cloud integration, with many ways to store and access data remotely - this article covers the benefits of online backups

The advance of increasingly more affordable storage, larger data centres and growing broadband speeds, with home speeds reaching 30mb/s and calls for 100mb/s speeds within in the next few years, have led to the rapid rise in popularity of cloud storage solutions.

Cloud storage allows you to remove the need for physical storage (such as hard drives, data tapes or disk-based storage) and store files, backups and even entire systems online. With rising popularity of devices like Google’s Chromebook being perfect for doing work on the fly, less and less data is stored locally.

This makes now the perfect time to adopt online backup strategies for your business, removing all the risks associated with physical backups and all the benefits that seamless cloud networks can bring.

Why Choose Online Backup Solutions

Two of the main, distinct advantages of using online backup systems compared with conventional backup methods are ease of use and low cost. Online backups will typically offer automatic or scheduled backups and archiving, removing the risk of human error in losing backups, as well as quick and easy restoration of any backups where required. As all of this is done online, the amount of backups you create and the frequency at which they’re performed is not an issue – with all the storage being completely online, the usual

What Can Premier Computer Support Offer?

Our online backup solutions here at Premier Computer Support offer you a completely comprehensive and professional service to ensure that everything you need out of a backup system is covered. We offer complete system backups, including operating systems, settings and data, full two-stage verification of all backups, automatic backup of critical applications including SQL and centralised administration for easy access from a management console.

As well as this, we offer complete all round support for your backup systems within your business and strive for lightning fast responses to any maintenance or support requirements. These services are perfect for small and medium enterprises who may have a small IT department, or not have one at all, allowing us to take care of all your backup needs and letting you get on with running your business.

For more information on our online backup systems, or just our general services offering computer support in London and the surrounding areas, then call us here at Premier Computer Support today on 020 7345 5139 to discuss how we can implement a system to protect your data.

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