Wireless Networking

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Wireless networking is transforming ! Working in conjunction with Meru Networks; a proven leader in enterprise-class wireless networks. Premier Computer Support is able to provide Enterprises, Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospital’s & Surgeries with a class leading 4th Generation Wireless LAN Solution.

Depending on wireless for everyday enterprise connectivity is no longer just a vision. Meru’s customers include some of the world’s largest all-wireless enterprises, with users in factories, hospitals and outdoor areas where wires simply are not an option. With Meru’s E(z)RF software, wireless is easier to manage than Ethernet. With physical layer security alongside encryption and authentication, it can be more secure than Ethernet. And, by avoiding upgrades to edge switches, Wireless LAN Virtualization saves money when compared to wires.

Meru’s network architecture makes the wireless LAN more like Ethernet. Every user gets a private, personalized Virtual Port that has all the security, performance and predictability that applications expect from a wire. Meru’s advanced radio technology also makes the network as reliable and scalable as Ethernet, while virtualization makes it even easier to maintain.

  • Wireless like Wire. Meru’s virtualized Wireless LAN offers all the performance that users expect from wired Ethernet combined with the mobility of cellular.
  • Quality of Service. Data applications get the predictable bandwidth they need while toll-quality voice is assured.
  • Airtime Fairness. Each client in your enterprise gets a fair share of the airwaves; unlike legacy wireless networks that have trouble adding the latest devices, you can confidently deploy the latest client technology and be assured it work with Meru.
  • Strong Security and Simple Management. Meru makes it easy to control the diverse devices that guests connect to a network while ensuring that internal applications get the resources they need.

Deploying 802.11n

Though the 802.11n standard was ratified in 2009, Meru has been shipping 802.11n products since 2007. Meru customers, which include corporations and universities large and small, have been relying on the standard for mission and business critical applications. Client adoption is even wider, with most new laptops ship with an 802.11n radio. By installing access points that support 802.11n, organizations can boost the wireless bandwidth by a factor of five or more over 802.11g and take advantage of the increased wireless coverage that results from this standard.


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