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One of the biggest challenges companies face is how to back-up their servers and data to maximise business continuity and avoid business disruption following a server failure or onsite disaster. Premier Computer Support provides a fast and reliable, fully managed, image based online backup service to protect client servers and data.

With Premier Computer Support online backup bare metal recovery to the same system, dissimilar hardware or to and from virtual environments is fast and reliable. Backing up and protecting all your Windows servers is done automatically, including the operating system, applications like Microsoft Exchange and SQL, and all of your company data.

This backup is carried out each and every night, firstly to a local backup image allowing for fast local restores of individual files or the complete server. In addition to this local backup a copy of the daily backup is then uploaded offsite to the Premier Computer Support’s backup servers.

Retention periods can be tailored for each client’s needs with the standard being 3 months and full restores of clients servers can be carried out within hours in the event of a local disaster or complete hardware failure. This system can also be further improved upon to provide a live Disaster Recovery solution capable of supporting key staff members when failed over to the DR servers.

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Premier Computer Support Online Backup provides the following benefits:
  • Complete backup of your server, including the OS, all settings, installed software and data.
  • Rapid recovery from bare metal, to dissimilar hardware or to and from virtual environments.
  • Centralised backup administration from a management console.
  • Automatically consolidate backup image files.
  • Verification and re-verification of backup images.
  • VirtualBoot technology for quick failover to a virtual server (requires Additional licensing)
  • Automatic backup of SQL, Exchange and other critical applications.
  • Granular recovery of individual files and folders in moments.
  • Scheduler for automatic full and incremental backups.
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