Why You Should Migrate to Microsoft 365 This Year

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Why You Should Migrate to Microsoft 365 This Year
Why You Should Migrate to Microsoft 365 This Year

Why You Should Migrate to Microsoft 365 This Year

Microsoft 365 (previously called Office 365) is a software suite that helps companies manage better, secure, and get the most out of email and workplace collaboration. Along with many other features, it includes instant messaging, video conferencing, web conferencing, social media integration, and file sharing. Microsoft 365 has many benefits, but how does it translate into improved processes and performance for your business?

Today, let’s explore all the benefits of migrating to Microsoft 365! Here’s what you need to know:


Better Collaboration

Collaboration is just one of the many benefits a business can enjoy from Microsoft 365. This feature allows users to share data and files with other team members either through mobile devices or on a desktop computer. Document sharing is highly encouraged, and this is made possible through OneDrive, which enables the user to access files anywhere, anytime, and on devices.
Also, it can be used to replace various devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones since it allows access to these files on any device.

Save Time and Money

By automating workflows and processes, Microsoft 365 helps your business save time and money, which means more budget for your other business needs. Microsoft 365 integrates and tracks information from multiple business processes. For example, it allows employees to stay updated on transactions through email alerts and provides a centralised dashboard for information sharing and collaboration.
With Microsoft 365, businesses can also efficiently manage their workloads. This allows employees to focus on other tasks and meet their deadlines.


Easy to Implement and Maintain

By using Microsoft 365, businesses can save money on investments for IT infrastructure, thus allowing them to spend more on their core business needs. Microsoft will do the setup and maintenance of the software.
If you have employees who are always on the go, you don’t have to worry about them being unable to access their files.
With Microsoft 365, all employees can access documents from anywhere and on any device, regardless of whether they are connected to the internet. That’s because the documents are stored in the cloud, so you won’t have to worry about losing any files.
Additionally, you no longer need to worry about plugging in devices and transferring data since Microsoft 365 works on any device, including Smartphones and tablets.


Improved Workflow

Microsoft 365 provides users with various tools and applications to help them effectively manage and communicate within the workplace. A business cloud platform enables employees to collaborate with their team, organise and manage documents and information, and automate data and business processes.
Microsoft 365 ensures that your business has an appropriate level of protection through its built-in security features. It also allows you to safeguard your email and other sensitive data.


More Security

Microsoft 365 uses a complex algorithm to encrypt data in real-time. Also, it uses a firewall to block access to sensitive files from malicious software and people. It also uses a technique known as tokenisation. This is done by assigning a random character string to sensitive data to ensure that the data is secure.


Locked in pricing

Microsoft has also recently introduced the NCE platform; this locks in pricing for a chosen term of 12, 24 or 36 months and protects against the forthcoming price plan increases. Therefore, if a company were to migrate now, they are guaranteed the current fixed pricing structure for the chosen term; Microsoft pricing is due to increase very soon, so it’s a great incentive to migrate now.


The Bottom Line – Why You Should Migrate to Microsoft 365 This Year

Microsoft 365 is a user-friendly and cost-effective service. It automatically performs backups and restores, so you won’t worry about losing any data. It also allows your business to gain a competitive advantage by providing a robust and easy-to-use productivity, messaging, and collaboration platform that your team can rely on to get work done.
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