Company History

We are committed to giving our clients the best possible service

Premier Computer Support London Docklands was formed in 1995, predominantly as a Computer Maintenance company as the phrase Information Technology did not yet exist.

At the time there was a real need for a reliable support company combined with technical expertise. Clients were changing over from the now antique Typewriters which had been in use since the last century & also from the state of the art Word Processors, which had also become obsolete due to the dawn of the must have Business Computer.

The company organically grew by recruiting more engineers as & when required as we headed towards the Year 2000 where we was apparently faced with the possibility of the whole world coming to an absolute stand still due to the dreaded infamous “Millennium Bug”.

All companies were therefore forced to take drastic action by replacing equipment that did not pass the relevant tests which resulted in a massive boom within the Computer Industry. All the scare mongering caused many companies to purchase new equipment which lead to Premier opening a manufacturing department in order to deal with the massive demand in Component PC’s.

At midnight of 31st December 1999 we all waited with baited breath for traffic lights, bank systems & the world as we knew it to fail. Fortunately we all survived….

By this time Premier found itself with a much larger IT department & PC orders reduced dramatically.

Rather than downsize we decided to put our larger resources into other areas such as IT relocation & Disaster Recovery. Premier continued to invest, expand & specialise in these particular areas & today we find ourselves with teams of dedicated technicians at the forefront of IT Support, Server Hosting & Co Location, Project Management, Total Business Continuity & High Availability.

We are proud to state that whilst adding all these Managed Services our IT Support division is still 2nd to none within the IT Industry.

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