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IT Relocations

Computer Equipment Relocation DataThe transference of information systems is usually highly technically complex and resource
intensive and the associated risks and threats to business continuity over this period of
upheaval can be very high.

Premier Computer Support’s Relocation Department have designed our services in order to
provide our customers with a dedicated relocation team. The IT Relocation Project Manager
combined with a Senior Relocation Technical Consultant will work alongside your
organisation throughout the period of change, coordinating the many diverse activities that
need to be accomplished and actively managing any identified risks and threats to ensure
that the transfer of your business systems occurs seamlessly.

Below we have identified an assortment of tasks that would be catered for under Premier
Computer Support’s IT Relocation Services scheme:

  • Design and refurbishment of IT server rooms
  • Design & implementation of electrical requirements
  • Specification and installation of air conditioning in line with BTU’s
  • Design & implementation of a structured cabling / wireless solution
  • Secure storage of equipment
  • IT Consultancy – Operating Systems & Bespoke Applications
  • Provision of internet connectivity
  • Design and relocation of telecommunications

In addition to the regular relocation services we are also available to prepare your
organisation for the move and can implement change management, inventory
management and stringent hardware and software control processes to regulate
your environment in readiness for the transfer.

Premier Computer Support’s IT Relocation Services Business Benefits:

  • Fully Project Managed relocation service
  • Single point of contact for all aspects of relocation
  • Destination site preparation
  • Minimise risks to business continuity
  • Time & Cost Saving
  • Stringent adherence to industry standards
  • Access to our product portfolio of skills and experience project team
  • Premier Computer Support to consolidate all activities into single project plan
  • Professional Insured handling of equipment
  • Technicians are security vetted to government standards
  • Assurance in having the equipment properly collected and installed ready for use
  • Minimal disruption to users
  • Service delivery available 24×365
  • Secure storage of equipment overnight in bonded warehouse

It is Premier Computer Support’s intention to create long-term relationships with our
customers so we become your first point of call for all your IT requirements.

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